Legend of Spring: Professor Litai Jin, the founder of the brand, made new progress in the field of skin cell research


Recently, the founder of the Legend of Spring, professor Litai Jin, published a cover article entitled "Metformin alleviates hyperglycemia-induced endothelial impairment by downregulating autophagy via the Hedgehog pathway" in the internationally renowned magazine of Autophagy, the impact factor of which is as high as 11.1, revealing the protection role of metformin in vascular endothelial cells damaged by high glucose, and clarifying that metformin can prevent endothelium from hyperglycemia-induced excessive activation of autophagy mainly through regulating the Hedeghog pathway. Professor Litai Jin, the founder of the brand, director of Sino-Korean Skin Beauty Research Institute in Wenzhou Medical University, is the corresponding author.
The data in the article is used as the cover of the current magazine.

The research group found that high glucose environment induce excessive autophagy in vascular endothelial cells and result in vascular endothelial dysfunction. It has been demonstrated that metformin can directly protect endothelial cells independently of its hypoglycemic function in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, the study indicated that the protective effect of metformin on diabetic vascular endothelium can be attributed to its activation of the Hedgehog signaling pathway and subsequently inhibition of autophagy levels, which is dependent on the transcription factor Gli1. In whole process, Bnip3 acts as the ultimate effector protein to directly regulate the occurrence or inhibition of autophagy. This study confirmed a novel mechanism of metformin in improving vascular endothelial function through autophagy mechanism, and it is expected to provide certain theoretical references and clinical treatment ideas for diabetic complications such as skin ulcer.