About us

Hangzhou Beautiful Biotech Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Overseas High-level Talents Venture Base, focusing on the research and transformation of skin cell repair and activation regeneration, providing safe and innovative skin care products and services with "scientific and safe" medical standards and "healthy and beautiful" brand concept. With the aim of "scientific skin care, healthy skin and beautiful skin", the company has established many famous skin research institutes in the United Nations, including many universities and research institutes, as well as KIST, SK Bioland, LG Group and other foreign well-known skin research institutes. Most of the core members of the team are high-level talents returned from Korea to study abroad, including 1 person who enjoys special allowance from the State Council, 2 specialists specially appointed by 1,000 people from Zhejiang Province, 151 talents from Zhejiang Province and nearly 10 doctoral students; the team has presided over and completed more than 10 national-level scientific research projects such as the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan, 863 Program and Technology Innovation Fund; and applied for 26 national invention patents, among which 26 were granted. There are 16 patents.


The company builds platform strength and competitive advantage with international first-class technological research and development capability and global vision, develops high-standard skin care products continuously according to the skin characteristics of Asian people, and introduces advanced medical and aesthetic service projects, so as to make the Chinese nation healthier, more beautiful, more natural and self-confident.